VIPARSPECTRA PAR600 600W 12-band LED Grow Light Review

VIPARSPECTRA PAR600 600W 12-band LED Grow Light












Here at 420KNOWHOW we want to help you choose the ultimate grow light for your projects. If you’re new to growing or an expert who wants to try something new, then this is the place for you. I’ve been looking forward to doing the Viparspectra PAR600 review because it’s one of my favorite lights on the market right now.

The PAR600 acts as something of a deluxe version of Viparspectra’s Reflector series. The PAR600 unit has been updated with the latest technology to help produce abundant yields and is packed with loads of cool features.

Made to replace a 600W HID, the Viparspectra PAR600 uses half the electricity of a traditional grow light and is ideal for medium sized operations.


Coverage can sometimes be a tricky measurement in terms of visualising how many plants you can grow. The truth is, plant sizes vary depending on the strain, the stages of growth and the conditions that you provide. I believe that a single plant needs a minimum of one square foot to cover all the stages of its growth.

The maximum coverage is a healthy 4 by 4 foot. You can use that to grow seeds up until the veg state. After that you’ll need to engage the bloom switch to emit a concentrated red light which will cover 3 by 3 foot.

The optical lens works spectacularly, pushing light deep beneath the surface and nourishing the whole plant. The PAR600 offers a solid coverage that really increases your yield by adjusting light sources to suit your plants’ needs.

Strength and Efficiency

Viparspectra lights seem to run a lot stronger than most LEDs on the market. To avoid light burning you need to position the units high above the canopy, at least 24 inches. The PAR600 is especially efficient, considering the amount of fans, consuming just 285 watts at full output.


It’s rare to find an LED that has an option for every stage of growth. You can also daisy chain these units when you’re ready to embark on bigger projects. It’s a valuable tool for home growing which can easily be used alongside a variety of other lights.


It’s not the cheapest LED in this price range, but it runs very cool and is ready to go straight out of the box. For the features on offer, it’s good value.

Additional Info

The lights are expected to last for 100,000 hours. Vipaspectra are confident enough in their product to provide a full 3-year warranty.

What I like

The secondary magnifying lens is an inspired addition alongside the front fans. It’s strong enough to produce a significant yield and runs cool enough to maintain the temperate climate in your grow house.

What I don’t like

There’s really not a lot to choose from here, I suppose the 24 inch hanging height could be an issue in limited spaces.

Bottom line?

Viparspectra have struck gold with the PAR600. The features are all useful, contributing to a low-maintenance, efficient and productive LED grow light. The price is slightly higher than other models on the market but it produces an excellent crop which helps offset the cost.

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