VIPARSPECTRA 1200W LED Grow Light Review













420KNOWHOW is bringing the finest, in-depth reviews in the LED grow light industry. Welcome to our complete VIPARSPECTRA 1200W LED Grow Light Review. Here you will find all the information you need to help you decide if this is the best grow light for your individual needs.

Viparspectra is a comparatively new brand in the LED market place. I’m always eager to test out new companies because to break into a competitive industry you have to have a superb product. The Viparspectra 1200W LED grow light is a strong debut that replaces a traditional 1200W HID.


Coverage can sometimes be a tricky measurement in terms of visualising how many plants you can grow. The truth is, plant sizes vary depending on the strain, the stages of growth and the conditions that you provide. I believe that a single plant needs a minimum of one square foot to cover all the stages of its growth.

Relying on optimal spectrums rather than dimmer switches is extremely convenient from a growers’ perspective. Investing in a Viparspectra means you don’t have to waste time and effort moving plants, or lights around. Another benefit is you get roughly the same amount of coverage across the whole grow cycle. The Viparspectra covers 4 by 4 foot at a height of 24 inches, easily covering up to 16 plants. The 5W LEDs are forceful enough to pierce the upper canopy helping to maximize your yield in the blooming stage.

Strength and Efficiency

The lion’s share of LED grow lights on the market today use 3W LEDs. By using 5W LEDs, the Viparspectra produces a better intensity of light. The flipside is that you have to hang these lights at least 24 inches above your plants, any lower and you’ll burn them.

Efficiency on grand-scale projects should always be at the forefront of your mind when choosing a larger light source. The Viparspectra performs excellently on this front, consuming just 525W. Furthermore, you can co-ordinate this equipment with a timer save even more on your electric bill.


On the one hand, the Viparspectra 1200W is capable of growing plants during both veg and bloom stages. On the other hand, you need a lot of head-room in your grow space to reap the benefits of an LED unit this size. Overall, factoring in the size of the unit, I’d say this is a versatile product, given the size of the projects you’ll be using it for.


Considering the scientific effort put in to the Viparspectra, the price is incredibly low. A light source of this size would normally see you paying at the top end of the budget. Viparspectra have managed to keep the price low without compromising on quality. Top marks.

Additional Info

Controlled by a timer. You’ll definitely need sunglasses when tending to your crops, never look directly into the unit with the naked eye.

What I like

Getting started on a large scale project is always difficult due to the initial outlay. Viparspectra have really taken the risk out of having ambition by producing an affordable and effective LED grow light.

What I don’t like

These lights are so powerful that you may need to run a test batch first to make sure you don’t end up light burning crops.

Bottom line?

At this price, and at this size, you won’t find better value for money than the Viparspectra 1200W LED grow light. When I started my Viparspectra 1200W review, I was expecting to find a lot of flaws in the manufacture quality due to it’s low cost. This is not the case. It’s a smart grow light for smart growers.