AdvancedLED lights Series XML 350 Review

AdvancedLED lights Series XML 350




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As part of our grow lights in-depth review series, I’d like to welcome you to my Advanced LED Diamond Series XML 350 Review.

AdvancedLED have been in business for nearly seven years. In that time, they’ve been incorporating some seriously space-age technology, developed by their very own Arkansas research center, into their grow lights.

The Diamond XML350 continues that trend. Designed to replace a traditional 600W-800W HID, this model is a high-output, low consumption grow light that brings the best out of your seeds, clippings, and clones. What’s more, AdvancedLED are a US based company with an A+ rating, awarded by the Better Business Bureau. That mean’s better service, quality manufacture, and accountability.


The panel is fitted with 144 3W single chip LED’s that are bolstered by a further 10 USA made CREE 10W LEDs which offer 11 wave lengths of light. At different phases of growth, plants need different wave lengths to flourish. The XML350 has 3 dimmer switches to adjust light-bands and intensity. These dimmer switches cover seed, veg and bloom stages. Directing light beneath the canopy is easy enough, using the 90-degree collimator lens which is specially designed by XML for improved accuracy.

A honey-comb fan filter combined with dual aluminum cooling sinks help to reduce the heat output by up 75% when compared to rival products. My favorite feature though is the daisy chain. A daisy chain lets you link panels together, up to four at a time, through only one power-source, it’s ideal for expanding your projects without switching light source.


Coverage can sometimes be a tricky measurement in terms of visualizing how many plants you can grow. The truth is, plant sizes vary depending on the strain, the stages of growth and the conditions that you provide. I believe that a single plant needs a minimum of one square foot to cover all the stages of its growth. It’s also important to note that the mark I give for coverage is for the particular size and power of the product reviewed.

The recommended coverage with the seed or veg option engaged is 4.5 by 4.5 foot. That’s about 18 plants at a time. What really impresses me about this unit, is that when you need to increase the intensity the coverage is only reduced by 2 square foot. Perfect for a 4 by 4 foot grow tent filled with 16 blooming plants.

With a 4 by 4 core coverage, you can grow almost as many plants in the early stages, as you can in the bloom. Practically, it’s a big advantage because you won’t have to move your plants around, or change light source during different stages of growth.

Strength and Efficiency

The XML350 performs extremely well on our strength test. In part, that’s due to the 10W CREE LEDs which really excel when you’re operating the unit at full power. Its light is so powerful, in fact, that I could confidently use the XML to replace an 800W HID. The only drawback, for me, is the efficiency.

The XML350 provides an output of 532W on average using 330W of actual power. It’s far more efficient than an HID, but against other LED’s it struggles a bit. Having said that, given how cool this thing runs, the light intensity and its coverage I would say it’s worth the sacrifice.


I don’t often give out top marks for versatility for any products. Generally, because different units are suited to different size projects. The XML350, though, defies convention. The 3 phase dimmer switch, the similarity of coverage in veg or bloom stages, and the ability to adjust light frequencies are all aspects that combine to make the XML350 a very versatile unit.

If you’re looking to grow up to 16 bud heavy plants, this is the only light you’ll need; I don’t get to say that about many products.


AdvancedLED manufacture, research and develop all their products in the US. That makes them a little more expensive. For what it’s worth, you’re getting a first class build quality and some of the latest grow light technology available. If you want to get the biggest yields from medium sized projects, the XML350 is a no brainer.

Additional Info

In the package, you get a free growing guide, daisy chain cables and hanging switch. You can also request international plugs which is always nice. The unit has a lifespan of 100,000 hours and a 90-day money back guarantee if anything is not as expected.

What I like

What I love about the XML350 is the versatility. It’s ready to go straight out of the box, you don’t need extra ventilation and it plugs straight into the wall. It’s a hassle-free grow light that will support your plants through all stages of growth.

What I don’t like

The only snag for me is the efficiency. It’s a little lower than other LED grow lights on the market but, if you factor in the electricity you’ll be saving by not having to run a ventilator, it can offset the initial outlay.

There’s no daisy chain so you can’t link multiple-units together, which I think is a bit of a shame.

Bottom line?

If you’re priority is getting the highest yields, then the XML350 is a wise choice. It’s a top of the range grow light so the initial outlay is a little high, but because the manufacturing quality is so good you won’t need to replace this anytime soon. The sheer intensity of light means you probably won’t need to upgrade anytime soon either. A top product from one of the leading grow light manufacturers in the world today.

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