G8LED 240 Watt LED Grow Light Review

G8LED 240 Watt LED Grow Light












It’s time to take another look at one of the best-selling LED grow lights of 2020. In our G8240W MEGALED grow light review, we investigate the best and worst features of this award winning grow light.

The G8240 is the smallest grow light in the G8 series. G8 have spent over eight years perfecting their grow lights so you may trust these to be some of the smartest light sources around. The G8240W is designed for smaller projects, fitting snugly inside a 6 foot grow tent. Read on if you’re a first time grower, or want to experiment with new ideas on a small crop.


In the 8 years that G8 have been around, they’ve been refining their grow lights. The G8240W has an 8 band spectrum light source that only uses the light waves that encourage growth; that includes UV, infrared and 6000k white.

Using fewer light-bands provides a more intense light because the panel isn’t wasting power on light-bands your crops don’t need. The 3W single chip LEDs are US made and run cool. Built in to the unit is 3 ventilator fans that help to keep the heat to a minimum, preserving the temperate climate in your grow house.

Zener diodes regulate the panel’s voltage whilst preventing electrical surges that could damage your equipment. They’ve really thought of everything when designing this practical, beginners LED grow light.


When it comes to coverage there aren’t a lot of grow lights that are as effective or easy to use as the G8240. The G8240 covers a 3 by 2-foot area but, because of the optimized light-bands that coverage stays the same between veg and bloom stages.

Furthermore, the lights are so powerful they can penetrate up to 5 feet beneath the canopy. 6 square foot is G8’s recommended coverage, but if you hang these lights a little higher, there’s no reason you can’t cover a 4 by 4-foot space for veg production.

Strength and Efficiency

On full output the G8240 matches a traditional 400W HID but consumes just under half the electricity.

The lack of dimmer switches does have a negative overall effect on consumption, but the strength is impressive for such small unit. It’s so strong in fact that you could use this to replace a 600W HID during the seed and veg stage.


For the best results, I’d use the G8240 on a small number of plants adding a red booster at the end of their growth cycle. I think the G8240 could also play some part in larger projects, in the seed, or veg stages. It’s a very small unit with an excellent output, which makes it suitable for a variety of different uses.


When I began the G8240 MEGALED review, I thought it was a nice mid-range price for a small grow light. Having tested this thing, I now think it’s great value for money. There’s a reason this panel is a best seller and I’d be very hard pushed to recommend a better grow light in this price range.

Additional Info

The G8 Series offer a 2-year warranty on the entire panel, which really takes the risk out of this investment. You also get a 90 day returns policy. The LED’s have a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

What I like

The intensity of light is mind-blowing for such a small unit. It’s also incredibly low-maintenance, which makes it ideal for a first time grower.

What I don’t like

I’m finding it difficult to find a fault in this product. The headroom of 24 inches can be an issue if you’re planning on ghost grows, but I’m nitpicking here.

Bottom line?

If you’re planning a small grow project, there’s no better option than the G8240 MEGALED grow light. Powerful, versatile and easy to use.

It’s available at an excellent price with a 2-year warranty and a US based customer service support team; buying your first LED has never been a clearer cut choice.