Marshydro Reflector 480W LED Grow Light Review

Marshydro Reflector 480W LED Grow Light












420KNOWHOW is here to make choosing a LED grow light easy. The Marshydro Reflector 480W LED Grow Light review is next up, as we take a closer look at the best LED grow lights of 2020.

Marshydro is a relative newcomer to the LED scene. Their units are all manufactured in China so you get a lot of features at an excellent price.

The Marshydro Reflector 96 is an entry level grow light designed to cater for small, indoor grow projects with enough power to replace a 400W HID


Marshydro use a dimmer switch to aid growth during different stages. With the veg mode engaged you can expect to cover a generous 3.5 by 2 foot; about enough for 7 small plants. When you flick on the bloom, you get a concentrated light covering 3.5 by 1.5 foot. A small frustration I’ve had with the Marshydro is the narrow width. In the bloom, you should be getting enough room for 5 plants, but due to the narrow width, you’re realistically only going squeeze in 3 plants, 4 at a push. I do like the amount of red light you get in the bloom though, which provides an abundant yield.

Strength and Efficiency

The Marshydro is a small unit so I wasn’t expecting such a strong light. This thing is like a miniature sun that fits inside a closet. The light is so intense that you can end up light-burning your crops if you’re not careful. If you decide to get a Marshydro, make sure it’s high enough above the canopy.

If you get it right, then there’s a plentiful light source for your plants, get it wrong and you risk losing a whole crop. It’s a very efficient piece of equipment as well, consuming just 180W on full power.


I don’t want to be too harsh here, but the honest truth is that the Marshydro was built for one purpose and one purpose only: plant production on a small-scale using either a 2 by 2 grow tent or a small cupboard.

A few extra points have been dished out for the dimmer switches and the focus lenses which help to spread the light around.


Now, this is the part of the Marshydro Reflector 96 review that I’ve been looking forward to. This light is the cheapest on the market. In my opinion that makes it ideal if you’re switching to LED from HID, or if you’re a first time grower. A very low-risk purchase with enough power to get the job done.

Additional Info

An instruction manual would of been nice. Also there is no warranty, although you can expect the LEDs to last for 50,000 hours.

What I like

It’s a very low risk purchase which makes it suited to first time growers or experimenting with LEDs. It also has everything you need for a decent crop cycle. The red heavy light-band is a nice touch that will help you to maximize your yield.

What I don’t like

The narrow coverage is a little frustrating but only because you can see a missed opportunity here. Hopefully, Marshydro will remedy this in the near future.

Bottom line?

To sum up our Marshydro Reflector 480W LED Grow Light review, they aren’t exactly re-inventing the wheel, but this 96 LED model has enough to get the job done. It’s available at a low price and, if you handle it correctly, there’s no reason you can’t get a decent yield out of it.