Advanced Platinum Series P300 Review

Advanced Platinum Series P300




Strength & Efficiency






Customer Satisfaction



  • Great for smaller projects or experimenting
  • 2 phase switcher to ensure a healthy plant throughout grow cycle
  • Quiet and low heat output
  • Good coverage for its size
  • Great value for money, with big savings on electric bill


  • Hard to fit in smaller places because of light intensity

At 420KNOWHOW I’m running a series of in-depth reviews to help you find the perfect grow light for your project. Today, I invite you to read my Advanced Platinum Series P300 review!

Grow light specialists PlatinumLED have release a 300W output LED that is small enough to fit inside a cupboard. Boasting a full range of features this little grow light is a god-send for small projects, or for experimenting with new techniques.


The P300 has 100 individual LEDs that throw out a PAR light intensity 3 times the power of most LEDs on the market today. A 90-degree lens focus with a two phase switcher ensure a healthy plant throughout the grow cycle; during the veg stage the P300 emits a purple light-band designed for leaf, once in the bloom the light switches to a pink type for maximum bud growth.

When you flick both switches you get a 100% usable light source, rich in UV and infrared. To top it off the P300 has an inbuilt cooling system that protects your plants without the hassle of a separate ventilation system. Furthermore, it runs quiet, gives off little heat and plugs straight into the wall.

Wattage 300W
Covarage Area 6 x 4 foot
Dimensions 36″ x 12″x 3″
Weight 35 lbs
LED Quantity
300x3w US Made
Lifespan 100,000 hrs
Switches Veg/Flower
Warranty 5 years


Coverage can sometimes be a tricky measurement in terms of visualising how many plants you can grow. The truth is, plant sizes vary depending on the strain, the stages of growth and the conditions that you provide. I believe that a single plant needs a minimum of one square foot to cover all the stages of its growth.

For something so small, you sure get a lot of coverage. In the veg stage the P300 can cover up to 17 square foot. At the bloom stage, you’ll need to concentrate that light to ensure healthy bud production. Concentrating your light reduces the P300’s coverage to a respectable 3 by 2 foot. In terms of plants, we’re talking up to 17 in the veg and 6, bud heavy plants in the bloom.

Strength and Efficiency

Despite a lower power outage, the P300 provides the same light intensity as the larger platinum series models. It’s also more efficient, consuming just 180W on full output.

Compared to traditional light sources like HIDs, the P300 is halving your electric bill. The only issue is that it can be too powerful. Indeed, an LED with this much power has to be hung at least 18 inches away from your crop to avoid light burning. As a smaller model, this can be an issue, ruling out smaller grow spaces like drawers.


As far as versatility is concerned, the P300 has a diverse range. You can use it to grow a lot of plants in the veg stage. When it comes to blooming, you may find yourself a little limited, but for the size and price, it’s not a problem.

The dual switch helps your plants flourish throughout the growth cycle.


When you’re starting up a small project it’s important to think about how long you want a light for. The P300 will consistently perform and maximize your yield, so I think it’s a really good investment for smaller projects.

Additional Info

100,000-hour lifespan and a 5-year warranty. 90 days return if you don’t like it. Can be plugged into any power source worldwide.

What I like

The efficiency is superb for such a small model. I also like the fact that the P300 is an all-in-one, there’s no need to invest in ventilation. It’s good to find a small grow light that doesn’t sacrifice the features for the price.

What I don’t like

You can’t fit this thing in small places because of the light intensity. This might not be a problem for most, but for me, that’s a little bit of a shame. On the other hand, a healthy light source will definitely provide some serious buds.

Bottom line?

If you’re just starting out, but you still want a state of the art LED grow light that will maximize your yield, it’s more than worth paying for a P300. Given the features that are available, I strongly believe that it will provide a worthwhile return on investment.

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