Advanced Platinum Series P900 Review

Advanced Platinum Series P900




Strength & Efficiency






Customer Satisfaction



  • Cutting-edge US LED technology
  • Great coverage, strength and efficiency
  • Switch for veg/bloom stages
  • Built-in ventilation fans and large aluminium cooling sinks
  • 100,000 hrs lifespan and 5 year warranty


  • Great technology comes at a higher price, so maybe not for everyone's pocket
  • No daisy chain to link multiple-units together

Welcome to our Advanced Platinum Series P900 review.

The Platinum series offer some of the most advanced technology on the market today. Generally speaking, more light means better buds with a higher yield. The Platinum Series’ specialized LEDs offer 3 x the PAR intensity of regular LEDs, making the P900 the strongest LED grow light (per LED) available in 2020.


We have a lot to cover here because the Platinum P900 offers so many cool features by using the latest, cutting-edge LED technology. First of all, let’s talk about those LEDs some more. The 300, 3W LEDs are sourced from US based lighting experts CREE and Bridgelux. They emit a twelve band PAR full light spectrum, nourishing your plants with both UV and infrared light.

The P900 is fitted with a 90 degree focusing lens that lets you penetrate deep beneath the canopy. Different stages of growth need different types of light. The P900 accounts for that with a two phase switcher for the veg stage and bloom stages. Engaging both switches opens the full 1000W power. To prevent the unit from running too hot, the P900 is fitted with built-in ventilation fans and two large aluminum cooling sinks.

Wattage 900W
Covarage Area 6 x 4 foot
Dimensions 36″ x 12″x 3″
Weight 35 lbs
LED Quantity
300x3w US Made
Lifespan 100,000 hrs
Switches Veg/Flower
Warranty 5 years


Coverage can sometimes be a tricky measurement in terms of visualising how many plants you can grow. The truth is, plant sizes vary depending on the strain, the stages of growth and the conditions that you provide. I believe that a single plant needs a minimum of one square foot to cover all the stages of its growth.

The P900 offers a maximum coverage of 6 by 4 foot from 18 inches. That’s 24 square foot, or based on my calculations, 24 plants. Bear in mind, the max coverage is measured with the veg switch on. Once you reach the bloom stage you’re going to want to max out the light intensity by flicking up the bloom switch. This engages the panel’s full output.

With full output engaged, the P900 gives out a concentrated core coverage of 5 by 3 foot. During the bloom stage you can use those 90 degree focusing lenses to direct light deep beneath the canopy; maximizing the potential of your yield. Coverage-wise, if you’re managing large-scale projects, it’s worth considering using three P900s. One P900, for the veg production, and two P900’s for the bloom stage.

Strength and Efficiency

The PAR output on the Platinum Series is more powerful than anything we’ve seen before. Per LED these are the strongest lights money can buy. What suprises us is just how efficient the P900 is. On full power, we get the same raw output as a 1000W HID whilst only consuming 515W of electricity.

Compared to a traditional grow light, the P900 is almost 50% more efficient. When your plants are in the veg stage you won’t need as much light. Instead of positioning your lights higher, the P900’s veg switch let’s you reduce the overall consumption to just 279W. In short, using a P900 instead of an HID, or HPS, will cut your electricity bill by half.


The P900 is a powerful unit, so you’re going to need at least 18 inches of head room to avoid light burning. A lot of sites will tell you that the P900 runs cool. It does, but we’re still talking about a 1000W output. That’s going to produce heat no matter how you spin it. You’re either going to need a space with lots of excess head room, or a ventilation system to help those in-built cooling fans out.

I’m giving it a few extra versatility points for the veg and bloom phase switcher, which is a lovely feature. Despite being a big unit, the P900 is very versatile. A top-performer for large and medium-sized projects.


The Platinum Series offers some of the finest features in the LED grow light industry. Unfortunately, that comes at a price. It really comes down to how you view it. The Platinum Series is great value for money with low running costs and high yields. It’s an excellent investment but, if you’re a first time grower, you may want to consider cheaper options as well.

Additional Info

The Platinum Series comes with a five year warranty on the LED bulbs. The approximate lifespan of those bulbs is an incredible 100,000 hours. The P900 can be run out of any socket worldwide, no need for transformers.

What I like

I like everything about this grow light. The PAR full light spectrum, the intensity, the focusing lenses the list goes on. It’s the attention to detail that I love. Little features that have been made with the grower in mind, like the the veg/ bloom switcher, the warranty and the ability to run it from any socket worldwide.

What I don’t like

The advanced technology used to make the P900 places it in the mid-high echelon budgets, so it may not be for first-time growers or for everyones pockets. It’s that same technology though, that promises a fantastic return on investment, so I think that it’s more than worth the initial outlay.

There’s no daisy chain so you can’t link multiple-units together, which I think is a bit of a shame.

Bottom line?

If you want a phenomenal yield from a large crop then the P900 is your go to grow light. Super-efficient and packed full of excellent features. The price might be a sticking point for first-time growers, but experienced horticulturalists with big projects on the go will love the P900.

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